me succeeds
frankreich muss bis polen reichen
i was a teenage vampire
showing off the bling bling
all of them witches
lorin sylvester strohm
die nacht schuf tausend ungeheuer
i saw music.
"i saw music." is a small independent label, that accommodates several hamburg-based artists and bands.

sick of the increasing digitalization of songs and distribution channels we try to reclaim the sources of the DIY-movement and want the "physical experience" of sound carriers to be as exciting as it used to be. center of attention are electro and indie projects from hamburg and munich.

we, as a label (without a defined structure), release almost exclusivly vinyl cd's and mc's in small pressings. especially the yearly cassette-sampler (sparely provided with information) finds its way to the listener oddly: with purposful losing in busses, trains or public spaces, respectively hiding at appropriate places, finders will usually experience nothing but the pure delight of listening, without being able to judge musicians, label and or an associated scene in the forefront..

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